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report print email Source: Editorial: No: How local U.S. Reps voted on ‘fiscal cliff’
January 13, 2013 | 09:09 PM

"Funding for the invasion of Iraq was never considered and increases for the Department of Defense are not a problem. But programs for U.S. citizens are issues the Republicans never support. "

The total amount of money spent in Iraq since 2003 through 2012 has been roughly the equivalent of the amount we "spent" on that "stimulus" bill passed in 2009 that Democrats like Biden said had to be passed to keep unemployment from going above 8% and in the case of Obama's statements, was needed to create "millions" of "shovel ready" and "green energy" jobs. We saw how well that materialized with the likes of bankrupt Solyndra and shovel ready jobs that never materialized. How's that for spending on programs for US citizens there, ace???

But empty promises that never produced results and failed "social" policies that never lived up to the hype are left wing Democrat liberal debris trails. So go figure why Republicans and a lot of Americans (specifically the 49% that didn't vote for Obama) want to get wasted domestic spending under control.

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