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Not Telling the Truth
November 01, 2012 | 10:47 PM

Hatcher, you are not telling the truth. I don't know why you'd do such a thing. Are you making money off of this like the superintendents and their district machines?

History. The Commission convened in 2008. Why? Because the local boards were approving NO charter schools. Schools truly at the local level. Those fat cat districts didn't want to lose the money they pay themselves (while laying off teachers and holding back raises for those left.) Zero approved in 2007. Of the 60 that applied in GA once the Commission started, the districts approved 4. Of the 56 not approved, 16 were approved by the Commission. The Commission is an auditor to keep big government honest. Ensuring local control (parents and children.)

Gwinnett led a lawsuit though to get rid of that pesky Commission. The superintendents didn't want ANYONE challenging their huge salaries (not to mention the overhead of their bloated administrations.) That's why the state has this on the ballot, to get the Commission back in gear. To ensure local control.

You just flat out are not telling the trust on Funding.

Truth. Charter schools that will be funded by the state upon Commission approval will only get, per student, in total, the average rate of the lowest 5 funded districts in Georgia. You are not telling the trust (and you know it.) You say they don't have to worry about overhead. LIE. The get funding the same way (well, less) and have the same overhead, except the big government bureacracy

The next "fib". That standards are relaxed. NOT TRUE. Charter schools have THE EXACT SAME HIRING and EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS as legacy public school. BUT, you know that. You tell a "lie" to trick the reader.

You lie about the overall funds. The funds, per child, are the funds, per child. Georgia will not increase students in Georgia because charter schools increase. Georgia will increase its number of students, period. They will have to be funded at a public school (which charters are). It's a zero sum game. But, you know that. You are misleading the reader.

You say it's all about money. Well, true. For the bloated existing bureaucracy that pays superintendents gigantic salaries, for one of the lowest ranks in the country with bloated ranks of staff. Those guys want the students and their associated money. To heck with education. They are profit mongers of the personal kind.

"For profit" schools? That's another lie. Charter schools are non-profit. They are public schools. They do hire "for profit" providers of services and products. You know, Pearson, Rand McNalley, I think I saw a Yamaha piano in a school. Yamaha is "for profit" aren't they? I guess then all public schools in Georgia are "for profit". That's just poor arguing for your fat cat superintendent buddies.

On districts going bankrupt, how about these stats:
In Georgia, the number of school personnel increased 80 percent compared to student growth of 41 percent from 1992 to 2009. WHOA. Did you know that all school board members are paid for their "public service". $4.1MM!! 1/3 of the superintendents make in excess of $150K/year. Gwinnett's makes $410K. 47% of superintendents took pay raises last year while furloughing teachers. 77 of our 180 districts serve less than 3000 students and have full central offices. Hmmmm. The rate of growth in central offices is double the rate of growth of the student population.

The commission members truly run as volunteers. And a staff of 5 or 6 people. Efficient. Putting kids and parents first. Making it all easier to bring better schools, with the same standards, to all parts of Georgia, particularly where they are needed most, the inner city and the rural areas.

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