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They Have Forgotten Who They Work FOR!
January 21, 2012 | 09:47 PM

I think Mr. Avossa and the Fulton County BOE have done the parents of North Fulton County a favor. They have proved again and again that they feel that it is the parents that work for them. They feel (like other bureaucrats) that their personal agendas are all that matter. They have forgotten who they WORK FOR. Mr. Avossa is a paid employee of the citizens of Fulton County. He has been making decisions not for us, but for his own ego. But what should we parents expect. He is a career bureaucrat who actually has never had to "work" for a living. He knows that if he was in private industry for a day he would be fired. I think what is more disturbing that the seven women on the FCBOE are elected officials (none of which will be re-elected)that have allowed a man who has only been in the county for a few months "tell them what to do" and knowingly go against the wishes of their friends, neighbors, and pleading parents. They have allowed this career bureaucrat to make them despised puppets of Avossa. Everyone now knows that they work for him. I use to respect them, but now since Avossa got there, he has made them look like clowns. Take the FSA situation. Every week Avossa has a new reason for why he didn't renew their charter. Every time FSA, the Georgia Legislation, press, etc. prove his reasoning wrong....he comes up with a new reason. It really is comical...and the seven puppet board members let him do it. Seven long standing members of the Fulton County community mad to look like fools by an insecure newcomer. The future of Fulton County schools is not very promising...our children will be "left behind"..but hey..private schools should flourish!

George P. Burdell
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