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Thank you for writing "The Biggest Mess"
January 13, 2012 | 03:47 PM

Your 'The Biggest Mess I have Ever Seen' on January 12 was well done.I appreciate you stepping up and telling it like it is.

I believe great things come out of disasters. This is no exception. A State Charter will have many advantages for FSA students and parents and staff. And the successful school will be free from the stifling school board and narrow minded superintendent. Our educational system needs out of the box thinkers and creative solutions.

This crisis has united the FSA community and has cemented our trust in the administrators of the school who have been nothing short of professional, compassionate and even respectful during the entire process. I applaud their patience and their transparency to the parents. They have made their decisions with full parental support.

I wonder if Dr. Avossa now realizes his lost opportunity to be a leader in the educational system for the state of Georgia? He could have even ridden on the coat tails of this successful school - one almost literally in his backyard. It is hard to digest their pursuit for a county wide charter. And it makes me ask why? But that can be a topic for another day!

The only aspect that was not addressed in your article, and it is important, is the cost per head of each child at FSA. This money is not in direct control by the FCBOE and it is the belief of many that THAT is the hidden agenda. Multiply that out and you are looking at a 'savings' of about 2.5M if FSA does not keep its doors open. Double that amount if a new building accommodates the hundreds on the waiting list. It is about money.

Thanks for taking a stand.

Parent of three children in FC Schools one of which is at FSA Middle.

Lisa Machado
Coldwell Banker
Johns Creek Montessori School
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