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Unemployed & Alone

October 28, 2010 | 08:59 AM

When I go grocery shopping the employees at the stores are the only people I have a "conversation" with for days. A simple hello from a kind employee has brought me to tears. A smile and a kindness has had me sobbing in my car.

Unemployment is embarassing. Long term (two years) is worse. Over 55 years old is even more humiliation, added to that is being a married couple "laid off" within a week of each other. We are both professionals in our fields with education and experience. We spend eight to ten hours a day every day sending resumes, applying for jobs, making calls and anything we can think of doing to find a job. Any job.

We have no health insurance. We have savings to live on, and we have never carried a balance on a credit card. We have a credit rating of 786. We have always lived within our means and now we know the benefits of putting off large wanted expenses (new furniture, travel) until we can truly afford them.

We have done without. No dinners, movies, new clothes, fun stuff.

We don't have family in the state and we don't have friends here. We have each other.

We have tried to volunteer throughout the two years and have been "put on the list" to be called if needed.

My reason for writing this is number one to vent, but a close second is to tell people that unemployment is lonely and scary. The smile, the friendly hello, the kindness you show to a stranger may indeed make the person's day.

If you have a job, be thankful. If you are unemployed I am sorry.


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    unemployement is scary, lonly and depressing -- But it all passe
    October 29, 2010 | 03:35 PM

    I read your post and totally understand your feelings as well as what you are going through. Yourself worth as a professional or a contributor to your family hits a rock bottom, your friends seem to stop talking to you, and there is no end in sight for this economic drought.
    I have been unemployed a total of three times from 2006 till 2009; twice because of lay-offs and once because I quit the job before I found another. Each time I did the same thing as you and worked the internet, network, and phones for jobs and stressed about my wife or I becoming ill and needed medical help. What savings I had I burned through and it looked like there was nothing in sight.. But I made it through each one of them. It was dumb luck and just calling around to old connections. So it does pass eventually. Stay persistent, keep some sense of hope and it will pass.
    You’re right to tell us all to be grateful about having a job because I am. I do not gripe about my current job because I am the lucky few who have one. I have learned that I have to do more to keep myself financially secure then savings, 401K and a daytime job. But also appreciate the little things I can do when I do have a job like pay bills, eat out on occasion, and see movies (in the theater or rentals).
    So Ms Hasting good luck and it will pass.


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    I agree with you about unemployment and being lonely
    October 30, 2010 | 08:12 AM

    As I read you post I was shaking my head yes I have the same feelings you do. You really begin to doubt everything about yourself and I have some down days. I have no choice but to keep trying, I have been unemployed since January 2009 and the savings are gone.

    Try calling North Fulton Community Charities to volunteer I worked there in the Food Pantry and they always need help especially at this time of year with the food drives going on. Or one of the local no kill cat or dog shelters always need help. It can really help to feel like you are doing something to help someone else.

    Hopefully this won't last much longer for either of us! Good luck!

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    Please contact me Kim
    October 30, 2010 | 03:02 PM

    Kim, I can’t find a way to contact you in our system. Please email me your resume to and I will try to help you. Also, here are some organizations that would appreciate your help and thru which you can help others:
    The Drake House (temporary housing for single moms with children, ask for Christie, their number is (770) 587-4712
    North Fulton Community Charities – ask for Barbra Duffy – (umbrella charity for many organizations in North Atlanta). Address:11270 Elkins Rd., Roswell, Georgia 30076 Tel: 770-640-0399 , Email:
    I also believe that many of the local churches are very active in helping people find jobs. I know that Roswell United Methodist Church is as well as Alpharetta Presbyterian Church and others. Here are two numbers:
    APC: (770) 751-0033 (you could tell them I suggested you call)
    RUMC: Phone: 770.993.6218

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    Bad Enough Already
    November 23, 2010 | 04:35 PM

    Most people in this situation are perhaps not as fortunate as you. Most of us long since lost any hope of financial security, among the pushy mean people demanding all of our excess cash, whether it is the raiseswe never got because they went to a friend of the boss class who was "more deserving", "would leave if he didn't get it", or we were just not mean enough to say no to the doctor or pharmacy demanding our last cent for some treatment or medication for our children, being pushed by big pharma. Most of use don't have the choice of staying in and waiting it out. BTW if you were professionally into software ... it ain't ever coming back. This is the tenth year I have been looking for a job in software or technology. They are just not out there, and probably never will be again, especially if you are as old as we are. Get out. Go to church. DO SOMETHING! Don't wait till your money runs out to become important to someone else.


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    Sad but true
    December 05, 2010 | 08:57 AM

    We need to vote for more politicians who are PRO outsourcing.. "sarcasm" How many thousands of jobs got sucked over seas? It's not the jobs but the TAX benefits they got to outsource this work... If people only knew what kind of tax incentives the big players got for this I suspect we would see a lot more people with pitchforks.. IMO.... We need to TAX any labor benefit that is derived outside this country. Any call center for a product sold in this country that is placed outside the US also needs a HUGE tax liability... IMO


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