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2008-01-17 MILTON HERALD
Milton burn ban lifted
January 22, 2008
Due to wetter conditions in December and January, Milton has issued a temporary lift of its city-wide outdoor burn ban that went into effect in October, the city announced.

Milton Fire Marshal Chad McGiboney issued the lift, which is effective immediately. It allows residents to conduct outdoor burning under specific guidelines. The city's ban on outdoor watering is still in effect, and is not included in this temporary lift.

"Recent rains have brought some relief to the dry conditions in our area, prompting us to give temporary relief to our citizens by lifting the burn ban," said McGiboney. "If the current conditions change, however, the burn ban may need to be reinstated.

"We encourage residents to use extreme caution and to follow the city's guidelines when conducting outdoor burning."

The Fire Marshal and the personnel assigned to the Milton Department of Public Safety have the authority to extinguish any open burning in violation of the city's guidelines. Public Safety officials also can extinguish any fire that: imposes an immediate threat to life and property; they deem offensive to others; or poses a health risk to people in the area.

In addition, from May 1 to Sept. 30 there is a complete burn ban in effect.

For more information on controlled burning or bonfires, contact the Fire Marshal at 678-242-2570.


How to burn

Citizens who conduct outdoor burning must strictly adhere to the following guidelines when conducting outdoor burning:

The burn pile shall be constantly attended and shall have a water source that will reach the burn pile (such as a garden hose, fire extinguisher or both).

Burning shall be during daylight hours only and must be completely extinguished before dusk.

Burning shall be of natural fallen vegetation, such as limbs, leaves, twigs, etc. from your own property. Do not burn any building materials, furniture, plastic, clothing, any rubber or tires, household garbage, boxes, etc.

The burning pile shall be at least 50 feet from any structure and 50 feet from all property lines.

Burn piles shall be small; maximum size is 3 feet by 3 feet.

A competent adult must be present at all times during burning.

No burning will be allowed on windy days (10 mph or higher) or on days when atmospheric conditions (cloudy, overcast or raining) would cause the smoke to remain low to the ground. Burn only on clear days with no clouds.

Fires shall not be started by petroleum based products.

Milton burn ban lifted

Watering ban still in effect
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