I soared through clouds with both feet on the ground



I knew I wasn’t in danger. I knew that, but it didn’t stop my heart from pounding inside my ears.

I was sweating. It wasn’t just the extreme heat.

I squinted into the sky and watched as the plane banked across the brilliant blue sky high above the airfield of the Georgia Model Aviators in north Forsyth County. I was at the controls ... sort of.

Let me back up a bit.

This group of hobbyists, the Georgia Model Aviators, is comprised of some of the friendliest people I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I first met them July 3 of last year when I was invited out to see what this group was all about.

I remember it well. The first e-mail sent to me by the GMA’s Chris Kennedy was accompanied by a photo of a “miniature” A-10 Thunderbolt.

I looked at the giant model for the propellers, and found none. This sucker was an actual jet.

Later I would find out they have planes that simulate the D-Day parachute drops with actual miniature paratroopers and also a B-29 that can drop the X-1 Rocket.

I was hooked.

However, I wasn’t prepared for how welcoming this group would be.

I went out again this year on a recent Saturday as the aviators are preparing for the Sept. 4 Warbirds Over Atlanta.

I was taking photos when David Roberts approached me.

“You ever flown one of these?”

I lowered the camera. “Well, no.”

“You’re flying one today,” he said and, before I could reply, David was off preparing what’s known as a buddy box.

The buddy box is similar to one of those driver education cars. The other pilot has the ability to take control when you’re in trouble.

Well, I knew I would be and really wasn’t sure I wanted to fly his model aircraft. Maybe I should sneak away?

Too late.

The buddy box was prepped before I knew it, and I saw David walking out to the landing strip, motioning for me to join him.

I was immediately surprised how sensitive the controls were - and extremely glad David had the ability to take over.

It was strange to me at first. When the plane turned, I had to keep my sense of right and left in tact.

But I loved it. I think I almost made an entire lap without David’s help ... maybe.

I was happy the plane landed. I was thrilled I didn’t cause David to lose his plane.

It was an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if the GMA crew hadn’t invited me out and David hadn’t graciously allowed me to try out my wings. I won’t forget that anytime soon.

I can say I’m definitely not a natural model pilot. But I can also say that plane is still out there ready to fly. It survived.

I’m proud of that fact.

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