Incubus still appeals to the times after 18 years



Last week Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre hosted a near capacity crowd for a great high school rock band, Incubus.  That is, they were a high school band when they formed in Calabasas, California in 1991.  Since then Incubus has parlayed their talents into a series of albums achieving both critical acclaim and multi-platinum sales. 

Successful rock bands with stamina have a common characteristic.  They consistently write music appealing to the culture of the time.  Incubus with four number one singles since 2001 is such a band.  They identify their audience and adapt their song writing for maximum appeal. 

The Rolling Stones’ album Some Girls is an example of this strategy.   Released at the height of the disco revolution several cuts clearly incorporate a disco beat.

A favorite of the MTV scene, Incubus is a talented and tight band.  Front man, Brandon Boyd’s voice is strong and melodic.  For all of you that need classification in your life Incubus would fall under the genre of alternative with a pop edge.  However, Incubus likes to experiment. They venture out of their alternative zone by incorporating instruments such as the pipa and didgeridoo that compliment and define their unique style.

So what does a band that has been producing and touring for over 18 years do? They put out a greatest hits album, of course.  A two disk set, Monuments and Melodies was released in June of this year.  In addition to Incubus’ past hits the album includes an energizing version of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy.

Friday night’s event was opened by London based The Duke Spirit.  When Incubus hit the stage the crowd’s energy went into hyper drive.  The band’s performance was first rate.  Most of the audience was probably barely alive when Incubus formed in 1991.  What do you call a band that can turn out hits for over 18 years, successful.


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