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Bears spotted in Forsyth and Milton subdivisions.

Forsyth County bears enacting a popular children's story

Three bears were spotted on Polo Fields subdivision on Tuesday, Sept. 17. Jeff Adler. (click for larger version)

Jeff Adler. (click for larger version)

Jeff Adler. (click for larger version)

Jeff Adler. (click for larger version)

On Mount Tabor Road in Cumming on Sunday. Liza Day. (click for larger version)

  • 1. If you see the bears, leave them alone, do not approach them
  • 2. Do not leave small animals outside
  • 3. Do not leave any pet food outside
  • 4. Do not leave garbage cans outside
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    September 18, 2013
    CUMMING, Ga. — Polo Fields residents wondered if Goldilocks moved into the community on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

    Local resident Jeff Adler captured several photos of three bears wandering around the community on Tuesday.

    On Wednesday, the three bears were spotted at the Crooked Creek subdivision on Mountain Way and Greenview Terrace in Milton.

    One photo of the three bears walking along a street in the popular subdivision spread across Facebook Tuesday night.

    "No wonder my dog was going crazy," resident Lynn Andrews said.

    This isn't the first sighting in the county recently.

    A bear was spotted in the Delamar subdivision located near Samples Road and near Kelly Mill and Francis roads.

    Mashburn Elementary received a parent call regarding the sighting in Delamar and cautioned students to be aware of their surroundings.

    "We didn't want them to be afraid but to know they should let a teacher know immediately if they're at recess and see a bear, so the kids can get inside safely." Kim Lochbaum, of the school said.

    Residents throughout the county have posted bear sightings on the Herald's FaceBook page.

    Three bears were seen in the Oakmont Subdivision off of Atlanta Hwy and also near River Rock and Hwy 369, Wallace Tatum Rd and the Mount Tabor/Elmo area.

    A post to the Herald's wall Irma Christie said,"If these are the same bears, they've been busy."

    Melissa Cummings, from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said sightings in areas where food is readily available is common.

    "Ideally, you want the bear to keep moving," she said. "So, by making any non-natural food sources unavailable and by not cornering the bear it will keep moving until it is back into more appropriate habitat."

    Cummings said bears are omnivorous and will eat whatever food is readily available.

    She said bears are drawn to cooking and garbage disposal smells.

    Facebook posts regarding the three bears in Polo Fields said it was garbage day when the bears were spotted.

    Cummings said there are several things people should do when they spot a bear.

    "Do not feed or toss food to a bear," she said. "Don't approach it at all."

    She said if a bear changes its behavior in your presence, you're too close and to never run toward or away from a bear but to back slowly away and make a lot of noise.

    "Never surround or corner a bear," she said. "And make sure, when a bear has been sighted in your area, to keep your animals in a controlled environment."

    Forsyth County Sheriff Deputy Doug Rainwater said they received calls regarding the bears in Polo Fields.

    "Other than that, we've not been notified of any other sightings," he said.

    He said residents who see bears should call the Sheriff's Department.

    "We then notify the Georgia Department of Natural Resources because they have the expertise to handle wildlife," Rainwater said.

    For more information about wildlife safety, visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources at

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    1. report print email
      September 18, 2013 | 07:12 PM

      I am the owner of the house they
      Approached and climbed the fence over. The photos show it in Polo Fields.
      Absolutely scary! Knowing they were so close, blew my mind!

      Liliana Boyd
    2. report print email
      Bears paw print on my car this morning
      September 19, 2013 | 09:38 AM

      Saw the news earlier this morning about a bear sighting, but I didn't think much of it since I had missed most of the reporters comments. Went outside my Roswell home to leave for work and my daughter says "Daddy, who put their handprints on the window?. When I looked, I said "No, that's no handprint, it looks more like animals paw. Wasn't until I pulled up the bear story later this morning that I realized it may have been a bear!

    3. report print email
      Bears in Polo Golf and Country Club Community
      September 19, 2013 | 12:00 PM

      I use to live right next door to Lilliana Boyd! Please be careful they might be hanging out on the green belt!

      Margaret Stenson
      Las Vegas, Nevada
    4. report print email
      September 19, 2013 | 02:10 PM

      On Tuesday afternoon at 4PM a large black bear jumped in front of my car on Pilgrim Mill Rd. I was able to stop but a Cherokee coming the other direction clipped the back of the bear and sent it into the woods. It was right next to Coo Coo's nest, and the bear could still be there (Bald Ridge Creek side of Lanier) I called DNR, but I don't think they ever showed up to check on the wounded bear. Be careful if you live in that area of Pilgrim Mill Rd.

      Michael Vanderhoff
      Cumming, GA
    5. report print email
      3 bears here last night off Mayfield Road in Alpharetta
      September 20, 2013 | 10:43 AM

      Around 6pm last night, Thursday, Sept. 19, a mother black bear and her 2 cubs were spotted in Harrington Falls Subdivision off Mayfield Road in Alpharetta. If it is the same 3 bears as in this article, then they are really getting around.

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