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EDITORIAL: Defacing mosque shock to community

June 07, 2013
In North Fulton, there is quite a melting pot of races, ethnic backgrounds and immigrants. All of them add their special gifts to our community. Asian, Hispanic and Europeans have come to North Fulton and, for the most part, have been accepted into the community.

Really very few of us are native to Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton and Mountain Park. We all came here for the climate, culture, schools and opportunities North Fulton affords us. And we have all managed to mix well.

That is why the senseless defacing of the North Fulton Islamic Center's sign was such a shock. There are tensions all over the world that erupt in sectarian violence, but not here.

Outrage over the terrorist murder of a British soldier in London by two sick individuals is natural. We deplore that despicable act. But to vandalize the Islamic Center for the acts of those responsible for the atrocity in London is just a replication of the same deplorable lunacy.

Hate is a poison that can take root anywhere, anytime. We need all our vigilance to root it. The action against a mosque in Alpharetta is just childish rage vented on people who have done nothing to earn enmity in this community.

We have seen nothing in our community to justify this sort of moronic retaliation for the demented acts of others on another continent. Inscribed on our national seal is the Latin motto E Pluribus Unum – out of the many, one. That motto is more than just mere words.

It symbolizes that our unity is our strength. And our unity comes from respecting our differences. That is what independence requires. To preserve the freedoms we require for our own peace of mind, we must grant the same to others.

You ask our soldiers why they are fighting in distant lands, and they will tell you it is for freedom. We at home should not shame our valiant warriors' sacrifices by denying to others here those freedoms we hold as sacred.

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Tags: Community & Outreach

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    Defacing Mosque
    June 08, 2013 | 01:17 PM

    Dear Sir, I applaud you for this editorial, many of my Moslem family live in Ga. and we all left our families and homes to give our children a better, secure, democratic way of life. The United States is our home now. When I hear about such actions as the defacing of a religious site it hurts deeply and tells me that Ben Ladan had succeeded in his goal by creating this anger, fear and hatred toward the Islamic communities in the US.
    We cannot let him win, we have to come together and show the world what the US is all about : Equality and freedom to all, not just the chosen some.
    There should not be the others, we are all protected under the constitution . Again thank you for your time.

    Huda shanawani
    Short hills, NJ
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    Well stated!
    June 09, 2013 | 06:59 PM

    Perhaps the most poignant comment referred to why our soldiers are fighting in foreign (Muslim) lands: freedom and liberty for people. That most assuredly includes freedom to worship in any religion.

    The actions of this individual are not only against America's God-given freedoms, but against every US soldier who has fought and especially those who have died in an overseas conflict on any theater in our history.

    I hope the perpetrator is caught and brought to justice and finally realizes the idiocy of his deed.

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    Property damage is a crime
    June 13, 2013 | 12:55 PM

    This isn't a "racial" crime (islam isn't a race, it's a religion and political system). It's not a hate crime (nothing is, crime is crime). The crime is property damage. And we have laws that protect property owners (people or businesses) against such damage.

    These laws are based on our constitution and the beliefs of our founding fathers. Our constitution grants us the right to life, liberty and property. Without strong property rights, we can't have a civil and free existence.

    Our constitution (referred to at founding as the Baptist constitution) calls for freedom, liberty and justice for ALL. Freedom of and from religion. Freedom of association. Freedom of belief. Freedom of speech, even speech we don't like.

    The people at the Islamic Center have a right to their beliefs and to buy and maintain property where they can congregate. While we all have the right to criticize each others beliefs, even in ways that vilify each others beliefs, we do not have the right to destroy each others property nor do we have the right to attack each others "person", that is bodily attack. We cannot deny the other of their right to life, liberty and property.

    I hope the person or persons who damaged this property are 1.) caught and brought before the justice system or 2.) go to the people of the North Fulton Islamic Center, apologize and offer to pay to replace the sign or do the work themselves. I also hope the Islamic Center will do as we Christians are called to do by Jesus and our God, to forgive.

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