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Northview HS gathers to support Olympic swimmer

Students make video to say they will root for Matias Koski

August 02, 2012

Matias Koski (click for larger version)
JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Matias Koski, a recent Northview High School graduate, current University of Georgia student athlete and 2012 Olympic Swimmer had a few friends back in Johns Creek wish him luck during the 2012 Olympics in London.

About 200 people show up to support Matias Koski at the Northview High School stadium. (click for larger version)
Although swimming for his native Finland, his US friends wanted to let him know they are proud of him.

Some 200 students, teachers and friends met at Northview's football field July 30 to wish Koski best of luck during his 1500 meter freestyle swimming competition held Aug. 3.

Koski didn't do so well, he swam in the second heat and finished in eighth place with a time of 15:34.80, but achieving a slot in the Olympic competition was plenty to celebrate.

Northview students editing the video they made for their Olympian friend, Matias Koski. From left, in red, Sina Iranikhah, Nazim Lakhani points and Alex Heldman far left. Peter Quinn sits with laptop on the ground. (click for larger version)
Sina Iranikhah and Alex Heldman captured the event in Johns Creek and uploaded the video to YouTube to show their support for their Olympian and good friend .

"My friends at home made this video to support my swims in London,"said Koski in his Twitter feed (@matiaskoski) once he saw the video. "I'm so grateful to have such great people in my life."

Iranikhah said he had been watching the Olympics and decided to gather as many people as he could to meet up for the video. He had three days.

"We wish it would have turned out better, but we did what we could," Iranikahah said.

The organizers were able to get a short-notice permission to use the football field at Northview and were even able to gather the crowd that included some of Koski's teachers and the school Principal Paul Brannon.

"To know the school would jump so quickly to give us help for him was amazing," Iranikhah said. "They went out of their way to keep the field open for us. It really was a show of the school and the community coming together for our hometown Olympian."

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