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Milton invaded by soccer players

January 02, 2013
MILTON, Ga. - Georgia Rush Soccer Club, a branch of Rush Soccer, the world's largest youth soccer club, will host an identification camp Jan. 2-6 at the club's complex in Milton, Ga.

The ID camp is meant to allow Rush players from all over the U.S. to demonstrate their ability, skills and strengths in order to be one of 18 selected to compete on the Rush National Team. This team will contend in three major international tournaments this year in Phoenix, Ariz., Huntsville, Ala. and San Diego, Calif. Local Georgia Rush families will host the 55 camp participants, who will fly in from as far away as Hawaii.

Leading the ID camp and the Rush National Team is Georgia Rush Soccer Club Technical Director, Russell Finch.

"Of all the Rush clubs in the country, ours was chosen to host this ID camp and we are excited to be making a name for ourselves nationally," said Finch.

Upon identifying and selecting his elite 18 players, Finch will lead the team to the three international tournaments this year as head coach.

Georgia Rush is a part of Rush Soccer, the world's largest youth soccer club with more than 40,000 players. Georgia Rush teams compete locally against other clubs in the Southeast as well as in tournaments across the nation. Rush Soccer became Adidas's largest youth soccer client as of Jan. 1, 2013.

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