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Round and round we go: Milton's roundabouts near completion

2 finished this year, another on the way

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January 20, 2014
MILTON, Ga. – Anyone driving around the city lately has likely seen plenty of construction going on. Three major projects are in progress, two of which are roundabouts, something entirely new for Milton.

When cities are using federal money, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) requires the cities to look at using roundabouts. There are a few reasons for this.

"It is essentially [for] safety and operational improvements," said Milton Public Works Director Carter Lucas. "When using federal funds, GDOT requires us to evaluate the potential intersection improvement for a roundabout and to use the roundabout option where they are appropriate."

The biggest improvement roundabouts have is they reduce serious accidents. Instead of a typical intersection in which a car running a red light has the risk of "T-boning" other traffic, which can cause very serious injuries, a roundabout keeps traffic moving slower and in the same direction. It may not cut down on overall accidents, but those accidents are more likely to be fender-benders.

In addition, landscaping or public art can be placed in the center of the roundabout to beautify the intersection.

Lucas said for this year, the city is in right-of-way acquisition for a future roundabout at Hopewell Road and Birmingham Road.

The intersection projects being worked on currently are:

Ga. 140 at New Providence Road

In July, CMES Inc. began intersection improvements at Ga. 140 (Arnold Mill Road) and New Providence Road. Plans include redirecting the intersection approach, adding turn lanes and installing a traffic light.

GDOT awarded the construction contract to CMES Inc. in the amount of $1,161,626. The job is expected to last one year.

Ga. 372 at Providence Road/New Providence Road

In August, Bartow Paving Company Inc. began intersection improvements at Ga. 372 (Birmingham Highway) and Providence and New Providence roads. Plans include redirecting the intersection approach and installing a roundabout.

GDOT awarded the construction contract to Bartow Paving in the amount of $2,576,297. The job is expected to last 18 months.

Hopewell Road at Francis and Cogburn roads

In August, Baldwin Paving Company Inc. began intersection improvements at Hopewell Road at Cogburn and Francis roads. Plans include installing a roundabout.

The city of Milton awarded the construction contract to Baldwin Paving in the amount of $786,606. The job is expected to last one year.

For more information on these projects, the city has set up a special website. Visit for information and updates.

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Editor, Milton Herald
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    Nearing Completion?
    January 23, 2014 | 08:19 AM

    Apparently you have a different definition of nearing completion that I do! All they have done at Cogburn/Francis/Hopewell is remove trees and put in a drainage pipe. The road is untouched.

    Nelson Wilkinson
  2. report print email
    January 23, 2014 | 09:31 AM

    Don't forget all those orange cones at the intersection for 7 months now.

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    Poor Reporting
    January 23, 2014 | 07:17 PM

    This article is entirely misleading given its title and the significant amount of time left before the projects are completed. It also provides little substance that cannot be found elsewhere. Half of it is copied and pasted from the city website. More thorough reporting would be nice.

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