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Public input sought on proposed Ga. 20 options

December 03, 2013
CUMMING, Ga. — A 24-mile stretch of Ga. 20, between Interstate 575 in Canton and Ga. 400 in Cumming, has portions that can be a burden to motorists.

The public is invited to discuss potential improvements to Ga. 20 at two public meetings in December. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) seeks to identify potential improvements along Ga. 20 from I-575 in Canton to Ga. 400 in Cumming to improve mobility, reduce congestion and address safety.

GDOT has federal funds to make traffic flow in the area.

Ga. 20 has exceeded its capacity and multiple improvements are needed in Cherokee and Forsyth counties.

Right now, 40 percent of the corridor has an unacceptable level of traffic congestion. Without any improvements, in 20 years, it's estimated that 90 percent of the corridor will reach unacceptable levels, said Karyn Matthews, project manager for GDOT.

This is the first of many steps before the project takes off. It will be at least 10 years before construction can begin.

Following a series of public meetings in May where people provided ideas for potential improvements along Ga. 20, meetings on Dec. 10 and 12 will provide the public with an opportunity to comment on initial alternatives and learn more about the next steps of the Ga. 20 project.

At these open house meetings, there will be no formal presentations. GDOT staff will be available to discuss the project as they seek feedback on the potential solutions for the corridor. Identical information will be presented at each meeting.

On Dec. 10, public input can be given at the Calvary Baptist Church, 137 Hightower Road. The second public meeting will be Dec. 12 at Otwell Middle School's cafeteria, 605 Tribble Gap Road. The meetings take place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for both dates.

For more information, visit An online survey is also available at

Public information open houses planned for December

The Georgia DOT seeks ways to improve Ga. 20 between Canton and Cumming.

The second round of open house sessions will begin presenting draft solutions to get feedback from the public.

There is no formal presentation; just drop in during open house hours. The same information will be presented at both sessions.

Tuesday, Dec. 10, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Calvary Baptist Church

137 Hightower Road/Ga. 369

Ball Ground, Ga. 30107

Thursday, Dec. 12, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Otwell Middle School cafeteria

605 Tribble Gap Road

Cumming, Ga. 30040

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  1. report print email
    I-20 Traffic-
    December 04, 2013 | 07:05 PM

    There used to be a plan. It was called the outer-perimeter. Republicans took over the state of Georgia, killed the program and now you are suffering. I moved back to a place where responsible traffic plans were put into place long before the Republicans were allowed to take options away. I guess the northern counties will just have to suffer and get over it. Short of highway expansion as it should have been, it's too far gone to do anything about now. Further, I wouldn't spend one red penny of my tax dollars to support a plan to help, after the debacle of the past 10 years within this state. Short-sighted interest has grown into long term suffering. Elections have consequences. The consequence is now that the state missed the opportunity to grow commerce and continue job growth, even in the Depression cycle that occurred post 2007/2008. The arguments against a transportation corridor and continued marketability of Georgia was that the country folks wanted to keep their lifestyle. They didn't want roads, or taxes, or people. Then, they sold out to developers within a year of the election cycle- to their builder buddies. They sold every stitch of land along the proposed outer perimeter to upper-income home developers.

    It's just too late to improve the area, it's too late to worry about and its extremely too expensive to spend money on. Maybe it's time to envision a new outer perimeter and move further north. Again.

    Chuck Carlson
  2. report print email
    Ga 20 options
    December 05, 2013 | 12:16 PM

    Ga 20 GDOT improvements cannot come quickly enough. 10 years to build this road from start to finish is preposterous! I have seen major highways designed and completed in 3 years that had 5 highways criss cross. The lack of highways to move east west is a major issue in this region. hire workers willimg to work at night and on weekends with several shifts to get this road completed. If GDOT needs help, suggest they interview other successful dot states to see how to get the job done in less than 10 years.

    Kim Roden
  3. report print email
    GA 20 Options
    December 10, 2013 | 04:34 PM

    I find it interesting that the prior posts come from people that will not be directly affected by the construction and traffic flow. As for us stupid country folks that "didn't want roads, taxes, or people"; you're right...some people did sell out but the majority of us choose to live and invest our money and lives in our community. But then again, I am sure that the the beautiful people of Alpharetta could never understand anything that did not have chain restaurants or malls.

    Hank Johnson
  4. report print email
    Return of the Northern Arc
    December 11, 2013 | 04:18 PM

    Hank: You are spot on I find it in bad taste that those who do not understand anything about this project and would not be impacted are making statements, and Chuck is right it is too late, the alternates they showed at the meeting last night and will be shown tomorrow would leave a path of huge destruction, not all areas of 20 suffer from congestion the Ducktown area I live in really does not get any congestion or backup, so in this corridor they can simply add one lane like they did going towards Canton, but following paths of the ill fated Northern Arc and building a 4 to 6 land highway thru farmlands and communities, does not even make sense to think about it. Wait until the folks who thought they were only widening Highway 20 see what is proposed on the GDOT maps, most of the folks out here have fought the battle and will happily do it again, I would say 99% of people attending prior meetings and making comments had no idea what was coming up next, stay tuned, meanwhile attend the meetings, get involved for those of us who live out there, let you voice be heard.

    JoAnne Leach
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