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Progress Partner's Nash touts TSPLOST merits

Expected low turnout makes voting important

Where TSPLOST goes in North Fulton County should the TSPLOST pass:
** Johns Creek – $1.47M annually
** Roswell – $1.95M
** Alpharetta – $1.25M
** Milton – $942,564
** Mountain Park – $35,777
** Sandy Springs – $1.84M
July 05, 2012
ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Progress Partners of North Fulton Executive Director Al Nash told North Fulton business leaders about the importance of passing the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

"Would everybody agree that we have a transportation problem?" Nash asked guests at the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce's Eggs and Enterprise breakfast June 27. "Raise your hand."

Many hands rose, and there was general laughter. The July 31 North Fulton ballot will include a referendum on a 10-year, 1 percent sales tax intended to pay for transportation improvements in metro Atlanta.

Nash told guests there are people rooting for the proposed tax to fail. It's not just the Tea Party, although he emphasized he respected their right to advocate their beliefs.

"The groups that are cheering for us to fail are our competition in places like Charlotte, Dallas and other parts of this country. They have probably already got headlines written to publish on [August] 1 that say 'Atlanta fails.'"

** Eighty-five percent of the revenues raised by the tax will be used for regional transportation projects. Nash said the proposed tax will fund almost $1 billion in projects directly benefiting North Fulton, including revamping the interchange between I-285 and Ga. 400 and the interchange between Ga. 400 and Holcomb Bridge Road.

** Fifteen percent of the revenue raised by the tax will go to local governments to spend on local transportation needs.

Nash cited a visit to Johns Creek where he was approaching Medlock Bridge Road on State Bridge Road. He had to make a left turn, but traffic backup prevented him from getting into the empty turn lane.

"For a few dollars, we could lengthen that lane [to speed the thru-traffic]," he said. "Think about the flow of traffic."

Nash said many people don't like the project list or criticize the ratio of transit projects to road projects. However, a Georgia business analysis found a deficit in transportation funding – motor fuel tax revenues and federal grants used to fund transportation infrastructure – are not keeping pace with the region's growing population. Over the next 20 years to 30 years, metro Atlanta's population will rise by 3 million people.

"We need to think about how we want to take care of this traffic," he said.

He predicted a 12 percent to 15 percent turnout in the July 31 referendum. Only 350,000 voters will decide whether the tax will pass.

"If you believe you want this thing done, it is imperative you go out and cast your vote," he said. "Your family needs to go vote. Every vote counts."

Editor, Johns Creek Herald
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  1. report print email
    Progress Partners
    July 06, 2012 | 09:12 AM

    What the author fails to mention is that Progress Partners is paid to lobby in favor of TPLOST by the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce in association as the NFCID (North Fulton Community Improvement District) and that Alpharetta City Council members Michael Cross and Chris Owen are members of NFCID. And Brandon Beach is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce and formerly was on Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) Board. So you have many connections between currently elected public officials and the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce and a pseudo- private organization, Progress Partners actually receives government funds,(your tax dollars) to lobby in favor of a new government proposed tax. So your tax dollars are being used by elected officials to lobby for an additional tax on the citizenship.
    For the record, despite all this potential conflict of interest relationships, I am not totally opposed to TPLOST. But we need to real about who Progress Partners exactly are. Something sorely missing in this story.

    Nathan Hillman
  2. report print email
    Two Corrections to Prior Post
    July 06, 2012 | 02:04 PM

    Neither Councilman Owens nor myself are members of the North Fulton Community Improvement District board of directors.

    Also, Progress Partners of North Fulton/Atlanta IS the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce. It's a trade name used by the local Chamber of Commerce to coordinate economic development efforts under a single brand.

    Michael Cross

    Michael Cross
  3. report print email
    Are you in favor of T-SPLOST?
    July 07, 2012 | 11:48 PM

    Mr Cross, are you in favor of T-SPLOST?

    S Lee Guy
    Alpharetta, GA
  4. report print email
    Not my vote
    July 08, 2012 | 10:23 AM

    They can lobby all they want, the wont get my vote.. I will be there along with others to vote "NO" on this.. People are fed up with the lies to get us to just hand over money.. They lied about the toll booths, what is it that the don't lie about ? I've worked very hard to get the word out about this scam, and I know the people I talk to will be voting NO ... The smoke and mirror game is over.. Stop taking people's money, and the comming up with ways to WASTE it trying to justify the use... all your doing is trying to bloat the cash balance of your budget so you can get matching federal grants... Don't you get it ! WE THE PEPOLE ARE BROKE !

    Johns Creek Joe
    Johns Creek
  5. report print email
    Im going with a "no" vote on this .
    July 08, 2012 | 01:47 PM

    Lower the price of Marta and remove the 400 toll booth. Enough with the broken promises .

    Dr. E. Brown
  6. report print email
    July 09, 2012 | 10:25 AM

    What are we doing with all the money the 400 Toll Booth brings in?

  7. report print email
    Progress Partner
    July 09, 2012 | 07:16 PM

    My apologies to Mr. Cross and Mr. Owens for misidentifying them. I had attempted to cut paste the information from another website, but apparently jumbled the information when I tried to re-assemble it. That's my excuse for the poor grammar too...

    Nathan Hillman
  8. report print email
    I pay thousands annually in GA state income tax...
    July 09, 2012 | 10:32 PM

    Someone tell me where in the he|| that money is going first before I see a penny of an alleged more local tax comes out of my pocket.

    Yeah I'll be voting NO on this. Suck it up, government cronies. You'll get NOTHING and like it!

  9. report print email
    Easy NO vote
    July 10, 2012 | 08:51 AM

    The politicians and lobbyists that are proponents of this need to be removed. It is no longer enough to see through their BS. It is time to make them pay for it by removing them from any positions of power. They are supposed to represent US.

  10. report print email
    July 10, 2012 | 10:30 PM

    I will vote YES. It is the only vote that makes any sense. Every other market in this country would like to take the jobs and industry away from Atlanta if they can. There is no faster way to loose our high quality of life, our abundant white collar jobs, and our superior schools than to vote against TSPLOST. Don't listen to those who can only think "NO" . Their vista is quite limited.

    Ray Appen
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