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There's only one Medal of Honor

November 20, 2012
Dear Editor:

Your Nov. 14 issue of the Forsyth Herald speaks of the "Medal of Honor."

I note that this article was written by Mr. [Aldo] Nahed.

This is not the first time I have seen Mr. Nahed mistakenly refer to an item without having the background to discuss it in detail.

There is only one "Medal of Honor" and it is not awarded by the Forsyth Sheriff's Office.

The Medal of Honor is awarded by the commander-in-chief (the president) based upon a recommendation by the appropriate military branch.

No, I am not confusing this with the Congressional Medal of Honor since there is no such medal.

Can you imagine just how much prestige and respect the medal would command if Congress had anything to do with it?

Get real, people, please. Mr. Nahed needs to check with his research department before making such statements.

That, or have someone edit his material before going to press.

What do I know about all this?

I'm just an 85-year-old WWII Navy veteran who carries a 100 percent disability ranking, service connected.


George Finch


Dear Mr. Finch,

First of all, thank you for serving our country. The Medal of Honor is the highest U.S. military honor, awarded for acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty.

I followed up with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, which has named the award, "Medal of Honor," for further clarification.

Capt. Tim House said that even though the sheriff's office is not the military, this is the highest award the sheriff's office gives to deputies who place their lives in the line of fire.

"It's an extraordinary act when you put yourself in harm's way," House said. "Lt. Tommy Hunter was able to disarm the [82-year-old woman] and it saved his life, the woman's life and the lives of the deputies."


Aldo Nahed

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    Medal of Honor by Sheriff's department
    November 21, 2012 | 12:37 PM

    It is far past the time when someone ought to ask the Congress why it has sat by and allowed everyone under the sun to create a medal and call it the medal of honor.

    The true Medal of Honor is downgraded because of this massive use of the name by every state, and a zillion other organizations, regardless of the heroism of those rewarded.

    Bart Armstrong
    Victoria BC
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