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Re: 'Plenty to do in Forsyth, but where's downtown?'

November 02, 2012
Dear Editor:

Thanks very much for giving me an opportunity to voice the lack of vision and community planning demonstrated by the Cumming leadership these last few years. Your ideas mentioned in your column are in the proper arena for Cumming, but instead, we have an old resurrected 50-year-old gas station close to the heart of the existing "way over the hill" mayor, spending some $800,000 of our taxpayer money for what he explains is a tourism center because he pumped gas there as a boy! If it wasn't for the courthouse, jail and a few country lawyers' offices, Cumming would be a ghost town.

I served on jury duty one week and was even unable to find a decent restaurant for lunch. The entire downtown Cumming area is an embarrassment to me as a resident within the Cumming zip code.

When questioned about my residency, I would rather indicate I belong to Johns Creek.

The actual immediate Cumming geographical area is in the process of dying, because its vision for the future is in the hands of those who are living 40 - 60 years in the past. Thank you for bringing up your concern and publicly voicing a wake up call.


Jerry Stipcak


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    Downtown Cumming
    November 03, 2012 | 09:25 AM

    While Mr.Stipcak may be correct in his assessment of the political leadership in Cumming, he is wrong in his assessment of downtown restaurants. I could tell him of at least four within walking distance of the courthouse, No, they do not have glittering signage and mansion like facades, but the food is excellent and the prices are reasonable. I am sure that if he had asked a local, he could have satisfied his palate, if not his idea of suitability.

    Kern Thompson
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