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CONSUMER REPORT: How To Choose A Chiropractor

January 09, 2013
Choosing Chiropractic Care for you and your family is an important decision. And choosing the right Chiropractor is just as important. This report has been designed to help you with those decisions.

How do you know which Chiropractor is right for YOU?


1) A THOROUGH INITIAL CONSULTATION - Your Chiropractor should initially spend time asking questions to determine the probable cause of your condition and to learn of any treatments which may or may not have worked for you in the past.

2) A THOROUGH EXAMINATION - Your Chiropractor should perform a complete examination of your area of concern on the initial visit. You should avoid any chiropractor who suggests you begin treatment without a thorough examination first.

3) A COMPLETE DIAGNOSTIC STUDY OF YOUR PROBLEM AREA – Your Chiropractor should do a complete study of your X-rays, MRI’s, and any other diagnostic tests pertinent to your condition or injury.

4) A COMPLETE REPORT OF YOUR EXAM AND X-RAY FINDINGS - Your Chiropractor should present his findings to you on a follow-up visit. He should review in detail your consultation, examination, and x-rays/diagnostic imaging results.

5) A DISCUSSION OF POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES TO YOUR CASE. - Your Chiropractor should tell you about other options of treatment. No one doctor or profession has all the answers for everyone’s problem.

6) ADVISE ON HOME CARE/SELF CARE - Your Chiropractor should give you continuous, on-going advice and instruction on self-help things that you can do for yourself between visits to better your condition and help maintain and facilitate good health.

7) ONGOING TRAINING - Your Chiropractor should, on a regular basis, attend conferences, seminars, workshops and other training to insure up-to-date methodology and techniques are learned and practiced.

If you need help finding a Chiropractor in your area, or have any questions or concerns about Chiropractic Care, please feel free to contact Dr. John A. Webster at The Roswell Health and Injury Center. OFFICE 770-442-3343 FAX. 770-576-0152.

January 2013 - This CONSUMER REPORT was prepared for YOU by Dr. John A. Webster, Roswell Health and Injury Center, Roswell Ga.

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    Hits the Nail on the Head!
    January 10, 2013 | 11:27 AM

    Great advice for choosing any doctor, from Chiropractors to medical doctors to dentists and beyond! Your health should be as important to your doctor as it is to you. Thanks for the great information, doc.

    Dr. Angela L. Cantrell, D.C.
    Folsom, CA
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