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Sweet Apple students go on 'bear hunt'

Sweet Apple kindergartner Natalie Brooks was part of the class that made “bear caves” from waffle bowls and gummy bears to learn about position words. (click for larger version)
November 20, 2012
ROSWELL, Ga. – Kindergartners at Sweet Apple Elementary School learned a new standard Sept. 14: position words. Instead of giving her kids a traditional lecture on the subject, teacher Casie Moses aimed to engage the class.

So she took them on a bear hunt.

Using premade waffle bowls, the kids made bear caves. They turned the bowls upside down and cut entrances. After the caves were made, it was time to position the bears. Individual gummy bears were moved around the homemade caves to examine what different position words could be used.

Natalie put her bear "inside" the cave. Sebastian put his "beside" the cave. Kristoffer put the bear "behind" the cave.

After the activity was finished, the kids were allowed to devour the caves and gummy bears.

As well as the waffle caves and gummy bears, Moses used her ActivBoard to simulate the movement of a cartoon bear. In this activity, the kindergartners were instructed where to move the bear. Here, they displayed their newfound knowledge about positions by completing each task eagerly and accurately.

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