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Employee steals restaurant tips in Alpharetta

August 26, 2014
ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A restaurant employee was arrested Aug. 10 after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars in tip money from the business.

According to employees of The Diner at North Point, an employee, Perry Shae Cloer, 39, of Old Dogwood Road, Roswell, was allegedly changing his tip amounts on receipts.

While Cloer is accused of stealing for at least two days, he had been employed for two months. When he was confronted by his manager, Cloer allegedly ran away from the building.

Police found Cloer walking down the street and he again ran as police tried to speak with him. When they caught him, police found a crack pipe and 10 pills on him.

Cloer allegedly admitted to taking money the entire time he worked there. He was charged with felony theft by taking, possession of schedule II drugs, possession of drug-related paraphernalia and interference with government property when an officer broke his radio.


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    Give me a break
    August 27, 2014 | 11:37 AM

    An officer broke his radio ? Give me a BREAK !!! Granted the dumb perp should not have ran but if an officer drops his radio in the line of duty prior to placing someone under arrest thats just how the cookie crumbles . Any officer that would put this STUPID charge on ticket should be removed from his position. I know I will take a lot of flack for this but lets get real ! This is the kind of attitude from an officer that can really come back to bite the community in the butt down the road . We don't need these kind of officers PERIOD . Im glad this drug user was caught but as for the radio "give me a break"

    Mike Walsh
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    Nice work if you can get it...
    August 28, 2014 | 12:19 PM

    I agree with Mike Walsh. If I break or lose my cell phone while on company business, guess who pays to replace it?

    Jolly Roger
  3. report print email
    August 29, 2014 | 04:05 PM

    Roger does your job require you to regularly chase and capture drug-possessing felons at full running speed while trying to hang on to your cell phone?

  4. report print email
    September 03, 2014 | 11:21 AM

    Scott - The requirements of my cell phone security while on-the-job should not matter to the question.

    I'm not unsympathetic to the tough job police officers have, if that is what you mean.

    My point is that the requirements of the tools should account for the eventualities of the job environment that you describe.

    Either the belt clip failed to function as designed or the officer did not engage the radio properly.

    Outside of that, I suspect that laying that responsibility on the alleged perpetrator's feet is just vindictive piling on of charges.

    Now, if he had purposely knocked it off the officer's belt, or it came off in a struggle, I'd think differently.

    If your landscaper breaks a mower blad on a rock that is in your yard, should he send you a bill for the repair?

    No: Your landscaper should have a reasonable expectation and exercise due care regarding the typical hazards his job presents to himself and his gear.

    Jolly Roger
  5. report print email
    Jolly Roger
    September 03, 2014 | 03:14 PM

    Jolly Roger makes a very valid point.

    Henry Rollins
  6. report print email
    September 03, 2014 | 05:37 PM

    In your analogy I'm a paying customer and the landscaper is a contractor, willingly performing a service for payment that we arranged up front.

    But in this case the perp is not a paying customer, and the cop would rather not even be there, but the perp forced him to be there and give chase. At this point the perp is the cause of everything else that happens to me.

    Similar case is you commit some kind of felony and someone dies as a result -- like you rob a bank and someone is trying to run down the hall and hide and they slip and fall, break their neck, and die -- even if you had no direct part in the death, you're guilty of murder -- you caused the death.

    Or if you commit a crime that causes a police car chase, and that causes a police car crash, is that just wear and tear that the taxpayers is supposed to eat? No, to me it was caused by the perp and he's responsible for it.

    Just how I see it anyway :-)

  7. report print email
    ...and more Analogies
    September 04, 2014 | 09:53 AM

    I appreciate the discussion; it opens the mind to other points of view and greater tolerance of others - - which our society sorely needs.

    In the case of your analogy of the police chase or a robbery, I would counter that "foresee-ability" is the distinction. Auto accidents and harm to innocent bystanders are foreseeable (and probable) outcomes of those crimes, even if they are not planned.

    Otherwise, the culpability issue could get rather extreme. What if the officer lost a (dental) crown while running down the sidewalk? Is the alleged perp' on the hook for that? For what, assault?

    Maybe the officer doesn't want to be there, as you say. Is that relevant? At what point was he "forced" to be there, when he answered the call? If he dropped the radio while opening the car door is the perp' still responsible, even before the chase?

    These are all academic questions, of course. Still, I am not comfortable with the potential systemic abuse a policy like this could lead to.

    I certainly respect your point of view. I think this one would just take longer than a single beer to settle though.


    Jolly Roger
  8. report print email
    September 05, 2014 | 02:14 PM

    Let's make it two beers then!

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