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Two businesses burglarized in Forsyth

December 02, 2013
CUMMING, Ga. — Someone broke into two businesses and stole about $1,300 in cash and equipment, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff's incident report.

On Nov. 16, deputies were dispatched to Jets Pizza, 2950 Buford Highway, because someone busted the front glass door.

When deputies arrived, an employee from a neighboring business said she saw it broken when she arrived for work. She said the alarm was going on off, but did not see anyone inside.

Deputies said two cash registers were emptied out, the shelf that held them was damaged and the safe was missing.

The floor was scratched leading from the register area to the front door.

Deputies said the suspect must have broken the shelf to steal the safe and drug it out of the store.

The manager of Jets Pizza told deputies he put the $980 in cash from the registers into a safe the night before.

The owner said it will cost about $2,500 to replace the damaged and stolen property.

On the same day, the Castle Car Wash, 1780 Buford Highway, was also broken into.

Deputies said glass had been removed from an employee entrance inside the car wash machine.

The cash register had been emptied of $300, and the owner's $1,000 laptop and accounting software was stolen.

The owner told deputies the car wash controls showed malfunctions, which he assumed meant someone who was familiar with its operation tampered with it.

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  1. report print email
    Crime Rate Looks To Be Going Way Up ...
    December 04, 2013 | 02:04 PM

    IMO (Pete) Amos county commissioner HAS to go. It seems that our commissioner for district 1 has no interest in holding the sheriff department accountable for the spike in crime. As a tax payer I DEMAND accountability! This picking and choosing of what crimes get reported is ridicules. We need total transparency, and a weekly report made available to the public. While I applaud the sheriff department for their push on the drug problem, I feel they may have lost site on the crime that deprives Forsyth citizens of hard earned property .. Come time to vote, I will not be supporting good ole boy Pete, and will gladly donate to the person who runs against and wins this seat . I also encurage other citizens of district 1 to open their eyes and take note of the HUGE crime surge we have going on . Anything that is not nailed down is going. Fellow citizens need to wake up before we all become victims.

    Jim Holbrook
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