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Parent yells at Haw Creek Elementary School teacher

November 18, 2013
CUMMING, Ga. — During a parent-teacher conference, the mother became angry and verbally abused the teacher, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff's incident report.

On Oct. 31, deputies were dispatched to Haw Creek Elementary School, 2555 Echols Road, after the principal said a parent was yelling at a teacher.

The teacher told deputies she had the parents meet her for a conference to discuss their son, one of her students.

The parents brought their younger daughter to the meeting.

During the conference, the mother became irate and used abusive language toward the teacher.

The assistant principal asked the teacher and the younger daughter to leave the room in an effort to diffuse the situation and spare the child from hearing the mother's comments.

The assistant principal told the mother her comments were inappropriate and would not be tolerated, but the mother continued.

The father said he would "take care of this," and the mother left the room.

She went into the reception area where her daughter and the teacher were waiting.

She insulted and cursed at the teacher two more times before leaving the room with her daughter.

Deputies said the mother was issued a criminal trespass warning. They told her that if any other child besides their daughter had heard the remarks she made toward the teacher, then she could have been arrested for insulting and abusing teachers in front of students.

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    I wonder what was said to the Mom.....
    November 20, 2013 | 06:58 PM

    These meetings can get pretty rough, if the assistant principal is who I think it is. Im sure the meeting was totally one sided, lets not totally blame the mom on this one. If the mom is reading this post then email me! I would like to find out what happened in that meeting because I have been in some of those "conferences" and they aren't as "nice" as a lot of people think. The teachers and the AP have a way of "ganging" up on the parents. I feel for ya mom!

    concerned mom
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    Agree w/concerned mom
    November 21, 2013 | 08:57 AM

    I have had a few instances where school officials spoke to me in a rude and demeaning manner when I had questions about my child. So much so that I had to request the asst principal of my daughters elementary school in Cumming never contact me via email or phone again because she was so nasty to deal with.
    While MOST of her teachers over the years have been wonderful, they aren't all that way. And it had nothing to do w/the "not my perfect child" syndrome the second poster is talking about.
    While I don't know the circumstances that led up to this particular argument, I agree w/concerned mom above that some school officials are very difficult to engage with and it can be very frustrating.

    I agree
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    Come ona
    November 21, 2013 | 12:06 PM

    Not my child huh? Every time I hear a teacher bring attention to a child all they get is not my child. Grow up and be a parent it's your child! It's your child being disruptive! It's your child bullying another and it's your child who learns from YOU! Grow up and be a parent!

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