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Rash of entering autos occurs in Milton

Failure to lock vehicles big help to thieves

June 03, 2013
MILTON, Ga. A series of vehicles were broken into May 22 and 25 throughout Milton.

One victim, on May 22 was at a friend's home on Autumn Chase, with her car parked on the street. An iPad and purse were inside the car. There was no sign of forced entry to the car.

In addition, there were several vehicles broken into May 25 in downtown Crabapple.

One Branyan Trail victim reported her vehicle entered overnight. She found a Nikon camera stolen from the backseat of her unlocked car at 8 a.m. that morning.

Residents of Lecoma Trace told police someone entered their two vehicles overnight, taking a purse, wallet, golf clubs, credit cards and an XM satellite radio. The two vehicles were left unlocked.

A third vehicle was locked, but had a window halfway down.

A resident of Tensas Trace told police she had left the passenger window open, allowing a suspect to unlock the car door and take a credit card and driver's license from her wallet.

An iPad mini was reported taken overnight from the vehicle of another Branyan Trail resident.

In most cases, the vehicles were left unlocked. In the cases where the vehicle was locked, windows were left rolled down to allow access.

Police recommend owners should remove valuables from vehicles at night or at least store them in the trunk.

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  1. report print email
    June 05, 2013 | 11:01 PM

    These idiots leave their vehicles unlocked, windows half down, and items visible laying around. Then they wonder why things got stolen.

    There is nothing so stupid as being stubborn after being warned time after time after time on what NOT to do.

  2. report print email
    Park in Your Garage!!!
    June 06, 2013 | 02:29 PM

    Bad enough they block traffic constantly parking in the street, they have now attracted thieves to the neighborhood. Use your garages!!! If you have so much junk you can't use your garage, get rid of some of it. A garage is for cars, not storage.

    Marc Scott
  3. report print email
    I may have seen them.
    June 08, 2013 | 04:51 AM

    2 days ago an unmarked white moving truck pulled into my culdesac in front of my house, I was expecting a fedex delivery so I had been keeping an eye out and just happened to see them. The vehicle then backed into my driveway (my car was in the driveway however there was nothing in it and it was locked) they sat there a few minutes they were at the side of my house so I could not see what they were doing and then sped out of my driveway and left.

    Kristy S
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