Laura Kronen talks ‘Too Sweet’ for diabetes



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Laura Kronen has gone through 172,000 needles, and each one is something she uses to make her stronger, she said.

Kronen, of Johns Creek, is a diabetic and for the past 20 years, she has taken what would be a setback for many to write books and offer life-coaching advice. Kronen is the author of “Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes.”

“I’ve realized if I can handle this, I can pretty much handle anything,” Kronen said. “I have the discipline and determination and perseverance that diabetes has given me. I can apply that to every other aspect of my life.”

Kronen is chief executive officer and founder of Be You Only Better, a life-coaching program that reaches the Atlanta area and around the world.

“I am a Type 1 diabetic. I’m active, I’m fit, I’m healthy, I am a cupcake-eating, tennis playing, hard-working, martini drinking mom of two, and I am the new face of diabetes,” she said.

Her coaching programs include general life, entrepreneur and chronic disease, with a focus on diabetes.

“I help people find their own happiness and make that a priority in their lives,” Kronen said. “I decided, ‘Hey, why not put this into a book and talk about what really living with diabetes is like?’”

She approaches the serious subject of diabetes in her book with a positive attitude, including humor, Kronen said.

“I realized that I could help other people. I can give back to people,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be a negative situation.”

Living with diabetes can be a full-time job, Kronen said.

“But you can’t go around feeling bad for yourself, you just can’t,” she said. “You have to use it to give you strength.”

Kronen has also started teaching others to become coaches through her Be You Only Better Institute of Life Coaching.

Kronen, who recently won an Ultimate Tennis competition in Atlanta, tries to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve come to take good care of myself over the years and be as healthy as possible,” she said.

She coaches others to have a positive outlook and self-confidence.

“If you feel good about yourself, everything else falls into place,” Kronen said. “Living life with positivity and humor is really important. That really helps you get through any situation.”

The book is available on Amazon and Kindle. For more information, visit


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