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Letter to Editor: Reduced library hours hurt county residents

February 17, 2014
Please help your county constituents. The reduced library hours are terrible and this action really hurts your constituents.

What happens to people looking for jobs who do not have home Internet access or library resources to search out jobs? What about young children learning to read, students who need resources?

Seniors on fixed income need their libraries for newspapers and magazines. All ages need access to reference materials, books, CDs magazines and computer time.

The 2014 reduced hours are terrible for them this is like cutting off a hand and expecting full capability to function.

All other metro counties have better hours why can't Fulton County? Please move back to the 2013 hours and better serve your constituents. We deserve better and we challenge you to step up to the place and make that happen.

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Tags: Community & Outreach

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    Library hours
    February 24, 2014 | 03:18 PM

    Completely agree! Took the kids to Ocee library on Saturday last week, without knowing hours changed. Wasted trip and disappointed kids. Over 5 families showed up and left just during the time we were there. Poor communication!

    On Friday, took the kids to Alpharetta branch. Surprise! Who would have thought it would be closed?

    Our government has terrible priorities. Hundreds of millions for sports teams ? No problem! $6 million for libraries? Hardly seems like a drop in the bucket.

    Michael M
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