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Johns Creek Council's silence on investigation a red flag

September 17, 2013
We have witnessed the abuse of power for political gain at the federal level, and are we now seeing it from our own Johns Creek City Council?

Has council chosen to tarnish the image of our city and spend our tax dollars on an investigation of our mayor for "certain actions" or "a belief of a pattern of behavior" without offering any specific details to support an investigation?

A red flag should go up for all citizens and voters when a councilmember admits that the investigation "might be questionable ... but it's not intended [to be]."

I look forward to the results of the investigation report in six weeks which, coincidentally, comes right before candidates file to run for City Council and mayor in the November elections.

Mike Bodker has done an excellent job as the two-term mayor of Johns Creek and I expect, when the investigation is complete, he will be cleared of all accusations.


Johns Creek

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Tags: Community & Outreach

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    Familiarity breeds contempt
    September 18, 2013 | 09:57 PM

    This animosity will not resolve itself. We need new people in the chairs in order to get past this.

    An Observer
    Johns Creek
  2. report print email
    Really Bill?
    September 18, 2013 | 11:07 PM

    Are you a fortune teller? Do you know what the charges and investigation are all about? If so, please inform the rest of us.

    As for excellent job? What, exactly, has Bodker done for the residents of this city other than cause an investigation?

    Johns Creek
  3. report print email
    Apparent and transparent
    September 19, 2013 | 04:19 PM

    To ask what mayor Bodker has accomplished for the citizens of Johns Creek in a positive and proactive manner would not take hours, days or weeks to discuss- it would take months maybe even a year. He had allowed and represented Johns Creek on a state, national and world level. He is a class act who has not agreed with the council to make them happy, but voted for what he has believed, in my opinion to be the right thing. And that, my friends is what has caused this anger, this so called "investigation." Years of disagreement and jealousy and anger about all the positive and hard working things he had accomplished. Lets look beyond the petty things and rise to a higher level and a higher stand - with your vote for Bodker on November 5. I look forward to continuing the positive changes - and so should you! Bodker has created an amazing city to live, work, and play.

    Smart observer
    Johns Creek
  4. report print email
    September 19, 2013 | 09:03 PM

    I disagree vehemently. Mike Bodker chose to involve himself in affairs that should have included the city council. Bodker is only 1 vote, he is not the sole ruler.

    He was disciplined by the city council before. Yet, Bodker chose to go it alone.

    This investigation is not about jealousy, it is about honesty and cooperation. None of which Bodker is displaying.

    Our votes will be to Bev Miller, a person not embroiled in controversy and distrust.

    Voter(s) of Johns Creek
    Johns Creek
  5. report print email
    Above and beyond
    September 20, 2013 | 01:59 PM

    To the above comment, you must be a member of the "elite 4" on council because I have never heard of Bodker being " disciplined" by the council nor has most. The 4 of you give yourself away on all comments posted across various media articles by responding. Let the people respond, by their vote in November, please.

    Johns Creek
  6. report print email
    September 20, 2013 | 02:54 PM

    I too have been a strong supporter of Mayor Bodker since early in the creation of Johns Creek.
    Let's not forget that Mike himself recruited many of the council members that are currenly investigating him. So something happened.
    It seems to me that if 5 members of the council have enough evidence to at least investigate certain actions, I am going to trust the 5 to do the right thing.
    Why would they turn on him if they had no basis to look?
    I would urge Mike to quickly turn over the requested materials and get this all behind us fast.

    Johns Creek
  7. report print email
    September 20, 2013 | 04:55 PM

    I don't think 5 people can be trusted to do the right thing just because... This has been well orchestrated and vindictive and designed to cause the most damage at the best time. This is gang like behavior which amounts to nothing less than bullying. Is this what you want our children to take away, they see it being done by adults so why can't they. When politicians work together concensus is eminent but when it is conducted in this manner it is damaging and becomes bullying. This is not unusual just unfortunate. The residents voted for these representatives and whether they like each other or not is irrelevant they need to behave appropriately and ethically. Some of these Council members have not been discreet about their desires for higher office or their likes and dislikes of other Council members or the Mayor. It is pretty common knowledge.
    There are however legal guidelines for subpoena's and discovery and unless they are met nothing will happen. The council is asking for subpoena's this does not mean they will get them. The Mayor is listening to the legal advice of his attorney who he has personally paid for while we are footing the bill for the attorney the Council has hired. This whole thing will go away with the election, just be careful who you vote for if you don't want more of these orchestrated types of antics, look who is orchestrating them and maybe vote for the other guy. Greg you are naĂ¯ve if you think power will not make people turn on one another for more power.

    Johns creek
  8. report print email
    September 21, 2013 | 11:47 AM

    Mayor Bodker has been fully informed of the allegations against him multiple times.
    For anyone to believe he has no idea is the naive one.
    In my opinion, we need answers NOW, before the election, not after.

    Johns Creek
  9. report print email
    Greg has me really confused...
    September 21, 2013 | 03:36 PM

    How come Greg has al the intimate details and the rest of us aren't allowed to? Does the council only share public information with select individuals? We're all paying for this. We should know what Greg knows.

    Dolly Lama
  10. report print email
    Doesn't take a costly investigator to figure this out
    September 28, 2013 | 12:59 PM

    WITCH HUNT: 1) a rigorous campaign to round up or expose dissenters on the pretext of safeguarding the welfare of the public, 2) An investigation carried out to uncover subversive activities but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

    John Johnson
    Johns Creek
  11. report print email
    Bodker investigation
    October 03, 2013 | 01:08 AM

    Witch hunt-? I think not.

    Bodker has caused chaos in this city. He needs to man up and give the council what they are demanding.

    If he is so eager to prove his innocence, then he needs to abide by the council's decision and show them the papers.

    His refusal, is just showing guilt.

    Johns Creek
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