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'Give Regards' performs at Act1 Christian Theatre

Players present George M. Cohen's classic patriotic musical

The chorus girls, Jessie Kuipers, right, and Caroline Gao, left, perform "Give my Regards to Broadway" for their director Richard Foster. Jessa Pease. (click for larger version)

In the show, the chorus girls perform the opening number "Give my Regards to Broadway" with great excitement for their director Richard Forster, although he is not convinced they are as sharp as they should be. Jessa Pease. (click for larger version)

From left: The piano player Eddie, played by Mike Glatzer, questions the director Richard Foster, played by Michael Correy, about the financial problems with the show. Jessa Pease. (click for larger version)

Mike Glatzer, as the piano player Eddie, complains about the freezing conditions of the theater rehearsal space. Jessa Pease. (click for larger version)

In the song "45 Minutes from Broadway," Richard Foster (Michael Correy), Hilda (Jessie Kuipers) and Trixie (Jennifer Hartshorn) sing to the small-town girl about the struggles of making it in New York City. Jessa Pease. (click for larger version)

From left: Leggs (Philip Mertz) and Trixie (Jennifer Hartshorn) attempt to hide Leggs from the gangster couple (Jessie Kuipers and Rob McMullen) by dressing him in spare costumes. Mike Glatzer. (click for larger version)

Theatre couple Eddie, played by Mike Glatzer, and Betty, played by Kailee Johnson, practice songs together for the upcoming show. Mike Glatzer. (click for larger version)
July 17, 2013
ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Broadway takes center stage with Act1 Christian Theatre as it presents George M. Cohen's classic musical "Give my Regards to Broadway."

Richard Foster, played by Michael Correy, is looking to produce a musical hit on Broadway, but he runs into a few bumps in the road including gangsters, wacky chorus girls, a small-town girl looking to make it big, and a Broadway diva lacking her former luster.

"It is a group of George M. Cohen's songs tied together by a pretty thin plot," said Lisa Matchen, director of the show. "It's just mostly a way of showing all of Cohen's music and just enjoying it."

The show opens at 7:30 p.m. July 19 and runs until August 11.

With a cast of 13 and three to four part harmony for each of the songs, Matchen said the music was the most important part of the show for her.

"We spent the first several weeks just learning the music to get it sounding really good," Mathcen said. "There are a few pages of dialogue and then the next song. That's how the show works."

Holly Quigley was the musical director for the show, and she wrote all of the harmonies the cast members sing.

"Usually with shows, we get several different vocal parts and when this came in it was originally everyone singing the same part," Quigley said. "We really didn't want to do that so I spent several months writing different parts for songs."

The cast members were able to pick up the harmonies well, Quigley said, and it was rewarding being able to hear her work shine through on stage.

"This is probably the biggest role I have had in a show, and we have a lot of talented people," Correy said. "We have a good time and we are all friends with each other, which really helps on stage with chemistry."

Correy said the show is very funny with a number of great one-liners thrown in, and some of the best physical comedy was made up on the spot by the actors.

"It's really great how you can go beyond the script," said Elena Matchen, who plays Millie in the show. "A lot of the great ideas for the show didn't come from the director. The ideas came from little ideas we thought could help with our characters."

For more information, visit www.act1theater.com.

This article appeared in the July 18 issue of Revue & News

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