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Flags for Freedom: Vickery Lake posts flags in remembrance

Homeowners’ association President Hershel Le Grand placed flags on all the residents’ mailboxes in the Vickery Lake neighborhood to celebrate Memorial Day. Jessa Pease. (click for larger version)
June 03, 2013
FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A simple act of remembrance brought together one local community for the Memorial Day weekend.

The Vickery Lake homeowners' association bought flags to post on every home.

Hershel Le Grand, association president, posts a flag on his mailbox every Memorial Day, and thought it might be a good idea for the entire community to show their support.

"One thing we want to do is involve the community, and to do that you really have to do things that people can grab hold of and take part in," Le Grand said. "A flag on a pole is participation."

Le Grand sent out an email to the 140-home community asking any resident who wanted a flag posted to place a piece of tape on the top of their mailbox.

"So we went out, and those that had tape on their post, we would put a flag," Le Grand said. "It's serving a number of purposes for this community, but the primary was recognition of the veterans and those who have lost loved ones."

The flags were removed May 29. Le Grand said they had about 80 percent of the community remember to place tape on their mailboxes.

"We will use them for other recognitions of days you use flags – Veterans Day, the Fourth of July and Memorial Day," Le Grand said. "We didn't try to do anything terribly complicated, just kind of simple."

Le Grand also sent out an email asking for residents to send him the names of family members or loved ones who have died in service, where they died, when they died and what branch of service they were in.

If he gets enough response from the residents, Le Grand said he plans on publishing the names in the neighborhood newsletter.

"It's a time to recognize people that I didn't even know," Le Grand said. "World War II – I didn't know them – I have only heard my family talk about them and what they did."

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