Where is My Treasure Box?



When I was 11 years old, we had a school fundraiser - selling cookies, and the top 10 winners got a chance to walk on stage in front of the entire school and choose from over 100 prizes. It was the ultimate treasure box of electronics, sports equipment and apparel. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I began selling cookies door to door and within 2 hours had sold over $400.

My mom was so shocked and amazed at my drive to win a prize, she joined the mission and drove me all over town, ending with over $1000 worth of cookies sold by sunset. I came in 3rd place, proudly walking on stage, glancing at every product carefully, picking up this, checking out that, until my eyes landed on . . . drum roll please . . . a Red Panasonic Cassette Player & Recorder. I proudly walked off that stage beaming, as if someone had given me a sports car.

Like most kids, mine will do anything for a Gold Star, Money or Prizes from the Treasure Box. Sometimes I wish someone would give me a treasure box. I'd surely be more motivated. Why should kids have all the fun? So when my friend Becky challenged me to write down 10 things under $10 that I could reward myself with, instead of food, I went right to work.

I'm a gift person. I was sure to have my list completed within a couple of minutes, then reality hit. I knew everyone else's list, but had trouble figuring out my own. It is in our nature to serve others, often forgetting about our own. It's much easier to give, than receive. We're not used to having the tables turned - rather, we're taking dinner orders, like an overworked waitress handling six tables at once, with life's demands flying on our "to do" list quicker than we can strike them off.

Dangle a prize and we're immediately motivated to do what it takes to get the job done. . . laundry . . . dishes, . .groceries . . . deadlines, conference calls. If you splash a little motivation in the mix, it is amazing how much work can be accomplished.

Create your own treasure box and fill it with items that bring a smile to your face: fill it up with a favorite movie, scarf, sassy lip stick, fun rings, whatever makes you happy. Reward yourself. So cheers to all the moms, working in-and-outside the home, who deserve their very own treasure box, gold star and girl's night.

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