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'Beyond the Launch' gives businesses a boost

Joellyn Sargent helps entrepreneurs build a business they love

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May 13, 2014
MILTON, Ga. – Milton-based Claravon Consulting Group announced the release of a new book by the firm's founder and president, Joellyn 'Joey' Sargent.

"Beyond the Launch: The Practical Guide to Building a Business that Thrives" addresses the challenges that business owners face after the excitement of opening day wears off, even if that day was years ago.

As one who has personally lived through the ups-and-downs of running a business, Sargent said she understands the issues owners face when balancing day-to-day operational needs with the dream of a thriving business.

Her work with startup owners and established companies inspired her to write "Beyond the Launch" with the aim of helping entrepreneurs get the magic back so they can love what they do.

The book offers practical advice and simple exercises for business owners to crystallize their thinking. "Beyond the Launch" covers a wide range of topics that are essential for business success, from strategy, marketing and social media to building teams and improving performance.

"There are lot of books on how to start a business," Sargent said, "but what about later, when problems pop up or you're having trouble building momentum?

"'Beyond the Launch' helps entrepreneurs find the clarity and focus they need to get unstuck and accelerate growth," she said.

"Beyond the Launch" is written in a conversational style peppered with "tough love" that is Sargent's trademark.

Her approach draws on 26 years of experience as a marketing executive and management consultant, working with major firms including UPS, PGI and BellSouth (now AT&T).

Sargent's unique mix of big company and entrepreneurial experience enables her to blend the best of both worlds, sharing fresh perspectives and proven methods for business growth.

BUS 05-14-14

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