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growth in Milton
December 27, 2013 | 10:18 AM

IMHO, the city needs to look aggressively at greenspace planning and land conservation options. Many cities have grappled with some of the same issues and have effectively addressed them However, this will take the city officials publicly adopting focus on land conservation and asking the citizens to help with funding. Conservation subdivisions are also very important, but we need to be assertively looking to prevent developments by acquiring land. There are public and private ways to do this. I do hope city officials are actively addressing this area. So far approaches to preserving the city's rural identity have been far too passive. In addition,we now can see that simply blocking the sewer and blocking any rezoning out of AG-1 zoning are very limited ways to help our city. Low density is fine, but focusing on it alone, gives us no proactive ways to shape the inevitable growth that is descending upon us.

Laura Rencher
Coldwell Banker
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