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report print email Source: Editorial: School immunizations: Study shows accelerated increase of non-medical vaccine exemptions
Who ?
October 02, 2012 | 01:46 PM

I want to know who funds these studies.. I strongly suspect it is the drug companies.. Regaurdless, I will not donate a DIME to places like "Emory University" and will ask others to avoid it as well. I love my kids very much, and I dont think INJECTING them with things like squalene is a good idea. As others have said the number of stuff we PUMP into kids now days has more then tripled. Things like tetnus and chicken pox have become MANDITORY ? as a parent I have a right to limit my childs chance of ending up with something like geonbarre syndrome.. Im sick of drug companies hiding behind places like Emory University in order to drum up sales.. Its MY choice to not to business with them or their straw men ... Now one does a study that is not funded, people dont work for free...

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