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You Got to be Kidding!
July 19, 2012 | 08:58 AM

I cannot believe any canidate would say "local school baords know best". If your wife is a teacher I think you may have a bias. However, vouchers equals a "choice." The American public educational system has been pathetic for decades. How can you not realize that? A true conserative republican's default position should be more choices, less governmet and a full endorsement of the private sector. In my humble opinion TSPLOST is a disaster simply as evidenced by previous actions by our state government. Consider taxpayer money spent on:
1. Failed Fan Fare Complex
2. MARTA rail to a housing project
3. Continual use of toll monies to the general fund and pet pork projects.
And the list can go on...

I do not have an opinion on either canidate. However by saying a school board knows best really scares me.
I think PARENTS know best!

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